Hello, I'm Asia

I'm a User Experience designer.  
I enjoy drawing squares of various sizes and holding all of the crayons. 
I'm all about aesthetics as a symptom of good planning, effort and concentrating on function, not the primary goal.
Here is some of my recent work...


An application for call centre agents to sell broadband, home phone and TV.

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Energy swithing desktop and mobile site.

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Packages (Andromedea)

An app to be used by call centre agents to aid them in finding and selling triple play packages to customers over the phone.  This section concentrates on the package component. Editing the package contents and adding offers in order to enable the agent to get a sale. 

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A comparison website which aims to allow users to search through a variety of deals available online.  In its current state offering only triple play comparison (Phone, TV and Broadband). 

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